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Shitoucheng is one of the more of the beaten tracks attractions of the local area. Literally translating as ‘stone village’. Shitoucheng resides high on the side of a carste mountain.  Built in the Qing dynaty the villages main purpose was as a garrison for army forces in the area. The 4 surrounding main gates, 18 internal gates and ancient walls are still mostly intact. The exact history of the garrison is now unknown. Which adds to the eerie and ghostly feel of the place. Now abandoned for a newer village lower down the mountain. The area offers an ethereal feel, and can make for some exceptional photos at the right time of year. Such as when mists roll around between the shells of the old buildings.

Through the new into the old Shitoucheng

The village is about 25km from Yangshuo town. And can be reached by passing through the new town area lower down. From there it’s a rough 40 minute climb up the old paths to reach the ‘old town’ area. Shitoucheng is spread out over a large area and can take several hours to explore. To enjoy a little history and local myths of the area, its certainly worth taking a guide.


Visiting the town is best when combined with some of the other attractions in the area. Such as Xiang Going hill and the Seven Star tea plantation. our photography tour includes Shitoucheng, as it really does offer a different feel and atmosphere to many of the sites in yangshuo. The base of Shitoucheng can be reached by scooter. If you park in the village itself be aware the local may ask for a small fee for ‘guarding’ your scooter. Whilst you explore the old town area. Another option is to leave your scooter further down the hill near the road side and proceed through the new town area on foot.

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