Yangshuo tours - China Grand tour

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Despite our base in Yangshuo, We always feel that the more you can see of china. The more you have the chance to experience and get a better understanding of it’s rich and varied culture and traditions. China really is a country full of diversity. And our longer trips aim to gave you the chance to experience as much as possible within your time in the country. 

Yangshuo tours - Guizhou

7 Days –
Guilin to Guizhou

This china tour focuses on the beauty of the rich south china minority areas. An exceptional experience for those wishing to discover the unique cultural practices of the area

Yangshuo tours - Guilin

8 Days –
Guilin to Hunan

Focusing not only on the rich southern minority cultures, this china tour offers a more varied experience of modern and old including some exceptional vistas

Yangshuo tours - China Grand tour

30 Days –
China Grand Tour

A true China adventure, stretching from south to north, taking in some of the most iconic and respected parts of Chinese culture both old and new