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a BIG adventure in a small package…

Welcome to our 1 Day Yangshuo tours! With so much on offer in the Yangshuo area it can be surprisingly difficult to figure out the best plan of action to get the most out of your time. Many of the best sites and experiences are spread out over a large area, and planning travel and timings can be challenging

Yangshuo Photography Tour - Yangshuo Tours

1 Day – Yangshuo Photography

Capture the spectacle and diversity of Yangshuo’s true beauty with a carefully curated 1 Day tour. Taking a great photo here can be quite easy. But taking an amazing one requires a little local knowledge and experience to find those spots of outstanding beauty.

Yangshuo highlights tour - Yangshuo Tours

1 Day – Yangshuo Highlights Tour

Composing our Yangshuo Highlights tour we considered not just classical views, but also the local culture, choosing a selection of places and activities that when combined, Give you a feel for the area as a whole. hopefully inspiring you to return in the future to explore its charms fully.

Fishing Village - Yangshuo Tours

1 Day – Yangshuo Old Town Tour

One of the most captivating elements of the Yangshuo area is the countless old small towns and villages, Each one has a unique history and character that can be seen in their architecture and layouts, Our tour will help you read the story’s each town has to tell 

Yangshuo Bike tour - Yangshuo Tours

1 Day – Yangshuo Cycling Tour

Our Yangshuo Bike tour with have you Cycling through the small villages and across open fields. This gives you a great opportunity to see Local village life whilst going at a pace that suits you best. There are countless small village trails and routes for those wishing to get off the main tourist tracks.

Longji Rice terrace Tour - Yangshuo Tours

1 Day – Longji Rice Terrace Tour

Join us in exploring the beauty and meeting the ethnic minorities of the Longji area. Steeped terraces, winding hiking trails, Stunning views, and unique architecture, the Longji terraces offer an exceptional experience and lesson in the Diversity of Chinese culture and tradition

Juixian Viallge - Yangshuo Tours

1 Day – Custom Yangshuo Tour

With such diversity in the needs of travelers and a full understanding that everyone has their preferences of what they want from a perfect holiday, we are happy to offer fully customized single-day tours. Create your blend of locations and activities that excite and inspire you, and we will help create your itinerary