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1 Day – Old Town Tour

The town is built around a crystal clear river that still supplies the town with its drinking water. And the riverside area still holds many of its old traditional charms. Banyan trees hundreds of years old hover above the streams. And small stepping stone bridges run from side to side giving passage across the river. The paths are still laid with the original stones, worn down by hundreds of years of life. Many small pathways and roads intertwine the old buildings, leading to hidden courtyards and small private gardens.

Many small homestay-style hotels offer a great feel for those wishing to extend their stay. Enjoying a night strolling the old streets and enjoying the serenity of the town

We will collect you by private car from your hotel and drive out to the town which takes around 2 hours. Once there we will guide you around the winding streets explaining the history of the town. As well as showing you some of the more hidden areas and helping you discover some of the local treats. After a good day exploring the town, we will drive you back to your hotel.

  • Experienced English Speaking Guide
  • Entry Tickets to Huangyao
  • Transport
  • Bottled Water
  • Food & Drinks
  • Personal expenses

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