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Tea is synonymous with Chinese culture and a closely associated with its traditions and history. Despite China’s rapid advancement over the last few decades. Tea culture has remained firmly in the mind of the population. And not just at the higher levels of society. Tea and the process of brewing it is enjoyed by all echelons of Chinese society. It offers a great way to socialize, to introduce potential business partners, or simply to sit a relax with some of the stunning views that can be found all over china. Yangshuo is very fortunate to have the Seven Star tea plantation hidden away close to the town. The seven star tea plantation is not only a tourist destination. But a fully working farm which has gained a great deal of prestige over the years.

Seven Star tea plantation

The Seven star tea plantation is based just outside of the town. About 12km North of Yangshuo among a cluster of caste mountains. The plantation covers an area of around 40 hectares and was established around 20 years ago by a local looking to further the traditions of tea. As well as find a good lifestyle and prospects for there family. Over the years the plantation has grown in size and now produces around 40 tons of fresh organic tea each year.

The tea plantation can be a great activity to learn more about Chinese culture. The plantation can organize guided tours with an experienced employee. They will walk you through the whole process of the tea cultivation, Processing, tea tasting and of course the famous tea ceremony. This can really be an eye opening experience. As what many westerners have become accustomed to as Tea. Is a long distance relative, if related at all, to what traditional Chinese tea has to offer. It can be a great introduction to a truly beautiful craft, and part of the culture which many people often take home with them as a real experience of china

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