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A traditional Chinese massage is one of the most relaxing treats on offer during your time in Yansghuo. Whilst we highly recommend getting out and doing as much as you can during your time in the area, remembering to take care of yourself is also important. A traditional Chinese massage at the end of the day can be a welcome break after a days excursions

One great thing about china is the availability and quality of the massage services available, Massage is still considered an essential health practice and is enjoyed by all regularly. The prices are also exceptionally low by western standards, meaning it wont break the bank to have a pleasurable couple of hours working out the stress of home.

We can help organise a Chinese massage directly in your hotel room or at one of the many massage parlours and Chinese health clinics. The selection of treatments available includes; Foot massage, Scrapping, Cupping, Full body massages, Facial rubs, shoulder massages, as well as any combination of the above. Most massages are performed without oil, though this can be added for an additional fee.

Types of Chinese massage

Chinese massage may be different from what you have experienced at home and is heavily influenced by china’s more holistic approach to medicine and well being. Tui na (推拿) focuses on adjusting the body and muscles to reach underlying problems and can help relieve an impressive array of issues. The technique uses kneading, pushing and pulling to reach down under the layer of muscle’s to reach any points with issues. This Type of treatment works most effectively over several sessions.

Alternately Zhi Ya (指壓) help to relive and clear energy pathways and the technique focuses more on acupressure points and pinching. This can be essential for the body general maintenance and keeping the blood flows and energy channels working efficiently

One massage we would highly recommend is the seemingly humble foot massage, Despite the small work area the results can be quite phenomenal, Chinese medicine see’s many important pressure points in the feet that connect every part of the body, by applying pressure to small areas it is believed it is able to cure and prevent diseases as well as maintain long term efficiency of the major organs.  One of the side effects is it is also incredibly relaxing

For the More brave Scrapping and cupping can be a unique if slightly rougher experience, Both follow the same idea of releasing pressure and mobilising blood flow, Scrapping in particular is normally partaken during the hot months to allow the release heat out of the body. Cupping focuses on clearing specific channels with the same effect

Many of the local masseuses have also spent time exploring and researching techniques from other countries and many are also able to offer a selection of Thai style massages.  

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