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Yangshuo’s Silver Cave ( 银子岩 / yín zi yán) Is one of the best caves in the area. For those genuinely interested in caves, it offers a rare glance of the sub-terrarium wonders that lie beneath a considerable area of Yangshuo. For the average traveler if offer a beautiful spectacle of classic rock formations beautifully lit and easily accessible.

Inside the Silver Cave

The cave system runs under a total of 12 Mountains and has several layers. The caves are well maintained. However appropriate foot wear is advised. The laying inside the caves does require some climbing up and down stairs but nothing to taxing. The cave rewards you with numerous viewing spots which feature some fantastic formations of Stalagmites and Stalactites. All spread across three main areas along a route of roughly 12 Kilometers.


As with all major tourist destinations in the area. Peak season (July – August) can lead to delays in entering the caves. As well as sharing your experience with tour groups. Fortunately these are adeptly managed and don’t cause to much to disturbance. One great advantage of the Caves is they offer a cool respite during the heat during the summer months. They also provide a great trip out during rainy days.  The cave is also meant to bring good fortune to all who venture into its depths a local proverb states :

“Anyone who has been to Silver Cave will never be short of money”.

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