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Yangshuo park is one of the more underrated attractions of the town, and an excellent place to see the local community relaxing and socializing. Yangshuo park is used for morning exercise and every day and eclectic mix of Tai chi, Qi-gong, Joggers, Runner and walkers can be seem taking advantage of the cooler temperature.

A park for the people

Throughout the day the Yangshuo park fills with many of the older generation, sitting playing chess, socializing and even practicing instruments and singing. The evening brings a lot more singing as well as plenty of dancing in the main square. One certain evening a projector and screen are setup near the end of Main Square and you can stand and watch an old film along with the locals.

Yangshuo park also plays host to all manner of events from local stage plays, Government meetings and plenty of activities during the local festivals, lantern festival (February) can be especially beautiful with many of the main areas and side streets lit with traditional lanterns of all shapes and sizes. There is also a riddle competition to test even the keenest mind.

Yangshuo park itself was originally built in 1915 and stretches over an area of around 230,000 sqm with countless mall paths making a maze of intertwining paths of various sizes built at different times. There is also Double moon stream which runs through the park. The park also has several famous carste mountains nestled between its paths including Duxiu Mountain and Xilang Mountain.

There is a beautiful small pagoda called ‘Meeting-Immortal Pavilion’ residing on the central most carste which offers great views out over the town and offers a great insight in to how the town developed among the surrounding mountains. It’s also said to be where the immortals came to admire the scenery of the area, hence its name.


Yangshuo park has had many major upgrades over the last 5 years, including the expansion of the park with a new walking/jogging park. Expansion of the river running through the park and now in 2019 it is being expanded with a large walking are of bridges and pagodas over the lotus pond at the rear of the park. Work is expected to be finished by next year 2020

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