1 Day - Yangshuo Photography Tour

1 Day - Yangshuo Photography Tour

Photography has become a big part of the traveling experience. And capturing that perfect moment, can lead to memories that can be looked back on for a lifetime. To help you get the most out of the areas sites and scenery we put together our Yangshuo Photography Tour. Yangshuo is known for its outstanding vistas and culture laden towns and villages. Taking a great photo here can be quite easy. But taking an amazing one requires a little local knowledge and experience to find those spots of outstanding beauty.

I’m a keen photographer myself and you can see some of the amazing images I’ve managed to capture on my Instagram.  To help you get the most out of the areas sites and scenery we put together our Yangshuo Photography Tour. Which gives you a full day visiting some stunning locations where you can capture some iconic images to share with friends back home. While at the same time getting the chance to soak in the ambiance of these unique locations.

Sunrise on our Yangshuo Photography Tour

We start our Yangshuo Photography Tour early with a 4:30 pickup by private car. And head out to Xianggoong Hill. A Carste mountain hidden up in the deep clustered mountains. From here we will watch the sunrise over the landscape. With the light cascading down the valley and reflecting off the Li-River. This can be a truly stunning view and is often considered one of the highlights of many people journeys through the area. Then after soaking in the morning light we move onto the Old stone village. Hidden among the mountains this largely deserted area features a great collection of old stone houses. Built purely with stone with no joining materials. It can look especially ethereal when the low mists are rolling around the peaks.

Markets & Locals

After experiencing the stone village we head back to civilization. Stopping along the way at a local lookout spot with great views over the rice fields. Then its onto the local farmers market. A great place full of cluttered stalls and old villagers peddling there latest crops. The markets can offer some great photos. Full of unique characters and heavily textured compositions. After seeing so much produce for sale its then time to stop for food ourselves.

Yu-Long Area

Once the appetites are sated we head on to Fuli Bridge. A stunning old stone arch bridge spanning the Yu-long river. The bridge itself is hundred of years old and you can see the character has built up over a lifetime of use. As well as nature slowly trying to absorb it back into the countryside. From there we board a bamboo raft and enjoy a relaxed cruise down the river towards Jiuxian village. The cruise takes around 2 hours and is a great chance to relax, take a few pictures and get back some energy.


On arrival at Juixian we then take a car and head out to Old Xingping town. Another popular sight for people looking to get a picture of the old town streets. And we will make our way to see the iconic ’20Y note view’. A landscape shot so good its featured on the national currency of the whole of china. Certainly a high claim to fame. After taking in this famous view we head to the river side to see one of the oldest traditions in the area. The Cormorant fishermen. Still using techniques dating back hundreds of years these fisherman offer an incredible opportunity for some amazing photos. Many of the most well known photos of the area feature theses fisherman and the history written in there faces and practices.

Once the dark starts to settle its then time to return to your hotel and look over the experiences you have captured for a life time.


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