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The lesser know Fuli Bridge is just as beautiful (if not more so) than its more famous sister the Dragon bridge. The Fuli Bridge is set a little further up the river. This bridge was rarely visited until recent years. The bridge itself is a lone character and is seemingly not directly attached to any of the local surrounding villages. Due to this, the area surrounding it is much more open and has suffered less from local development.

The Romance of Fuli Bridge

Fuli Bridge is truly beautiful. Like its sister bridge (the Dragon bridge) its a single arch bridge but has had less renovation work done on it over the years. And lots of the original stone work is still visible. On either side the countryside has taken hold and stretched out to try and reclaim the bridge. Leading to a beautiful natural looking scene. Due to less traffic at the bridge and it picturesque appeal. It has become great location for couples taking wedding photos. And early riser may still see couples in full wedding dresses creating a stunning scene.

Since the Closure of the Yu-long area and the traffic restrictions put into place however, the Bridge has become one of the main bamboo rafting spots and is inundated during the peak season. The best time to take advantage of its beauty is early morning before the crowds and bamboo rafts arrive into the area from the surrounding villages.

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