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The Dragon bridge is also know locally as the Yu-Long Bridge. This beautiful old bridge was built during the Ming Dynasty. And spans the Yu-Long river covering a 18 meters, It measures a total of 5 meters across and stands 9 meters high. Despite the Dragon bridge’s old construction style it has stood the test of time. And has had countless generations cross its back. Including the Army of the Taiping Heavenly Army and the infamous Chinese Red army.

Dragon bridge

The Bridge itself is a very beautiful thing to behold. Surrounded by the carste mountains with its curved arch above the river. It has become a very popular tourist sight over the years. And the village around it has built up significantly in that time. The bridge is now surrounded by lots of small snack shops and restaurants as well as the occasional hotel. The area around the bridge can get quite busy during peak seasons.

The Dragon Bridge offers a great destination point for those looking to cycle the Yu-Long area. As its possible to cross the river here and make a loop back towards the main town. The restaurants and shops also offer a great half way point to stop and get some refreshments and a bite to eat. Its also possible to access the bridge by road by turning off at Baisha from the main road to Guilin.

The Dragon bridge is one of the primary docking point for the Yu-Long river rafting and you can normally take a raft from here down to one of the other docks further into the yu-long scenic area.

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