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The general views in yangshuo are outstanding, but one of the few places that surpass the normal views of the area is Xiang Gong hill. Up till a few years ago this used to be a relatively unknown and disregarded Carste mountain. That was until a local photographer Claimed a shot that won international recognition. Now Xiang Gong Hill is considered one of the best and most captivation sights in Yangshuo. Especially for photographers

Prime minister Hill

Xina gong hill is based on the banks of the Li-River between Yellow Cloth Shoal and Mural hill. Around 28km from Yangshuo town. Its offers an exceptional 180 degree panoramic view down towards a curve in the Li river. With mountains lining each side going far off into the horizon. The hill is around 300m high and thus gives a birds-eye view of the landscape below. The Views on Xiang Gong Hill change with the seasons and can be a swept in a sea of clouds with mountains breaking through, to a crystal clear sky burning with the sunrise.


Due to its popularity explosion the facilities at the hill have developed greatly. The path up to the main viewing area is well kept with railings for the full duration and it takes around 20 minutes to climb. At the top there is a small toilet area and a selection of viewing platforms spread over three levels. The Hill is at its busiest at sunrise, when photographers clutter the many platform trying to get their own iconic shot of the incredible view. Regardless of this it is still worth the early start. During the day time the hill is generally quieter. And you can find a spot to just stare and contemplate the views.

Journey with a view

The route up to Xiang Gong hill is exceptional in its own right. The main road leaving through the north gate of yangshuo. Offers a single winding mountain road slowly taking you up through the villages and kumquat fields. The area has been largely untouched by tourism and with the exception of the hill itself. Many of the villages you pass through are still genuine local farming communities. The route can be an great half days journey by scooter (Petrol). And gives the opportunity to stop at several other great viewpoint along the way.

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