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XingPing Town once a small fishing village. Has like the rest of the area developed heavily over the years, and now certainly holds town status. Xingping Town is surrounded by exceptional scenery and features several of the more well know views. Such as Mural Hill and Yellow Cloth Shoal. The town itself is located on the east bank of the Li-River at the foot of Wuzhi (five fingers) Hill.

Old town Area

The old town center area is certainly worth a visit during your time in the area. It still holds a great deal of accident homes and shops residing in buildings from the Qing and Ming Dynasties. This combined with the old cobbled streets offers some great photos as well as a pleasant atmosphere for an afternoon stroll. The old town area can be seen in around 1 hour. There is a good selection of shops and cafes offering local specialties. As well as small trinkets and paintings of the famous scenery.

The town also holds regular market days which can also be interesting to see. The town fills with people from the surrounding villages coming to sell their produce and pick-up supplies. Though there may not be a great deal to purchase as a tourist. It offers a great insight to the area and the people living there.

XingPing Scenery

One of the main features of Xingping town is it offers a great starting point for several activities in the local area. Including some excellent hiking trails. Bamboo Rafts leave the town heading towards Yangdi. Along what is arguably one of the most beautiful stretches of river in the area.

Just a 30 minute walk outside Xingping town is one of the most famous views of the area. Which has been captured for posterity on the 20Y note. From here you can also continue onto Langshi (Fishing Village). Where you can depart on an alternate bamboo cruise up the river towards Yangdi.

As with all great attractions in the area the town and surrounding area can become inundated with tourists during Chinese holidays and festivals. It well worth booking in advance if you wish to take a bamboo raft.

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