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One of the real pleasures and great ways to connect with an area is the local markets, Being in a rural area Yangshuo and the surrounding areas offer a great selection of local specialties that are a real treat for guests at all times of the year.


Due to its warm climate, the local area is renowned for its fruits and vegetables. Kumquats, Dried persimmons, Shatian Shaddocks, Pomello, Chinese chestnuts, Mandarins, Oranges, Ginger, and Osmanthus flowers all take there own place through out the year.

There are many small markets through out all the local townships in the area. But the most impressive to see are the town markets which are held on the same dates each month, and rotate between the towns. The current dates are:


1st / 4th / 7th / 11th / 14th /17th / 21st / 24th / 27th


2nd / 5th / 8th / 12th / 15th / 18th / 22th / 25th / 28th


3rd / 6th / 9th/ 13th / 16th / 19th / 23rd / 26th / 29th

The local markets also offer a great selection of handicrafts for those with a keen eye. Including painted fans made locally (Fuli), embroided balls, bamboo walking sticks, Hand made reed shoes and rain jackets, all excellent to take home as a gift.

Whilst most will be amazed at the dazzling array of color and produce these market create. They also offer an great insight into the more utilitarian side of countryside living. With stalls offering everything from buckets, water pumps, cheap clothing and rubber boots. It can be an amazing and eye opening insight to countryside life.

As with all markets haggling is an essential. And once learnt can be an enjoyable experience

We include a market day on our photography tour as the combination of goods, produce and atmosphere really can create some beautiful images.

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