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The ancient village of Fishing village Yucun, Has quite a reputation for such a small place. It became famous after it was visited by US president Bill Clinton back in 1998. And has never been quite the same since. Whilst most the Fishing Village’s in the area (such as Xingping) are actually now small working towns. Yucun has remained in its traditional role of being a working Fishing Village.

Yucun – Fishing Village

The village is often confused with the larger town of Xingping, Which is about 15 min up river by bamboo raft. Based on the east bank of the Li-River. The village was established during the Ming Dynasty. It Has managed to retain a great deal of its original architecture and charm. And the village can be a great place to see some local traditional houses is good condition. And whole place has a certain authentic charm to it that many find captivating. Many of the villagers there still carry on with there old traditions and fishing is still the main source of income. Tourists are welcomed n the village with the genuine friendliness the area is know for.

They are several options to get to the Fishing village including bamboo rafts leaving from Xingping further up the river. Or an exceptionally beautiful hike which takes around 1.5hrs through the local countryside along the banks of the Li-River.

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