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Liu gong (留公村) is one of the less visited villages along the Li-River. Set on the banks of the river the village sits around 13km from Yangshuo town. The beauty of the village has largely been saved due to its remote location. It offers some exceptionally beautiful and authentic buildings. Including the Moon Pavilion and Home of Senators. The central bell tower (Deyue Tower留公村) has remained in good condition and has been renovated in its traditional style several times to preserve its beauty. There was originally four of these towers along the riverside of the village. But only Deyue tower has survived the test of time.

Many of the buildings in Liu Gong remain based around the original layout of the town. And where built during the Qing and Ming dynasties with local grey bricks. With many small pathways lead to hidden courtyards, The village is also has a small (but Charming) shrine built into the side of one of the carste mountains. Which is accessible from the river side along a short path. The view from which is excellent.

Three colour Pond

Liu Gong’s other main attraction is the ancient Three color pond. Which regardless of the water level in the river,the ponds always remain at the same heights, and as the name suggest offer three different hues. Brown, emerald and yellow. There are many local legends and myths surrounding the ponds and they are certainly worth a look.

Reaching Liu Gong

Liu Gong can be reached by a beautiful cycling route heading out from Yangshuo, By bamboo raft from Yangshuo town, Or even by Kayak which can be a excellent way to arrive, there is also the option of continuing down past Liu gong village and finishing the rafting at Puyi town. The village has several small farmers restaurant by the riverside, which makes it a great break point for a spot of lunch among some truly authentic culture

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