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Jiuxian ( 旧县 ) is probably one our favorite villages in the Yu-long area. It offers an excellent atmosphere. Has a rich cultural past, And still retains a large amount of the beautiful architecture that gives it so much character. Jiuxian includes both Grey brick buildings, and the early built Mud brick homes. The village was formed during the Tang Dynsaty (618-906) and came into its current form around the Qing Dynasty.

Accident Linage

One charm of Jiuxian is the family lineage which around a quarter of the villagers can trace back to the Li(黎) Family name. Originally settling in the area from Changsha in Hunan Province. There is even a temple built in the village to commemorate this lineage.

Jiuxian itself is a network of old cobbled streets. Ancient courtyards and charming buildings. Some of which are extravagantly decorated. With exceptional frame works and artistic flourishes. Jiuxian is one of the few villages, that has managed to retain a great deal of this authentic charm. Though it has become more commercial over the last few years, with a selection of small hotels, cafes and farmers restaurant catering to sight seers.

Secret Garden

One of the more renowned projects in Jiuxian is the ‘Secret Garden’ . Which is a collection of old derelict Qing and Ming Dynasty building’s that have been lovingly renovated. Over a period of 8 years by a foreigner. They have became a model example of how to renovate and modernize the old homes whilst retaining their original character.

Jiuxian is roughly 8km from yangshuo town and sits just outside the new protected Yu-Long scenic area. The local dock is just a few minutes from the village and provides Yu-long river bamboo rafting. The Local dock is also a drop off point for those coming from further up the river on the rafts.

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