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Huang Yao Old Town is a truly captivating ancient town set around 150 Kilometres downstream from Yangshuo town. Huang Yao Old Town has a long established history and reached its peak during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Fortunately the old town area has retained a great deal of the charm and architecture from this period. And whilst the main town has developed around the outskirts. The authentic character of the old town has remained untouched.

Ancient beauty of Huang Yao Old Town

Huang Yao Old Town provides a perfect encapsulation of the old times of china. Rich in culture and heritage that can be seen all over the town. The main old town area is situated around the river which is still crystal clear. And provides the main water source for residents in the area. Ancient banyan trees hang over its banks. With numerous simple crossing allowing accesses between the two sides of the river. The Whole area is inundated with classic architecture. With several pavilions, temples and shrines hidden down small alleyways and along the main cobbled streets. There is a great deal of significance to symbolism in the town. And many of the aesthetic details have significant meaning behind them.

Along with the authentic look and feel to the town there is also a heavy importance played toward local traditions and festivities. These include Chinese opera performances on the main pavilion. As well as the celebration of the He-Shan festival.

In Addition the town offers many small shops selling traditional crafts and replicas of ancient decals. As well as the expected mix of tourist shops and small cafes. Many of the local homes in the main area have been converted into beautiful home stays. Usually with a hidden interior courtyards which can be an excellent place for a nights stay. Furthermore this gives the opportunity to wander the streets at night. When the town is especially beautifully lit and a sense of beautiful serenity comes over the area. The town was also used to film ‘The painted veil’ which is a strong testament for its beauty and authenticity.


The town does charge an entrance fee of 100Y (2018) per person. Discounts are available for children between 1.2-1.4m with tickets for 80Y. Children under 1.2m are allowed to enter for free.

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