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The Yu-Long river ( 遇龙河 / Yùlóng Hé) has become synonymous with Yangshuo when people think of the area. The famous ‘Ten mile Gallery’ through which it passes. Has become one of the most popular destinations for those in the area wishing to see it true beauty of the Yu-Long River.

Yulong River (遇龙河)

The Yu-Long River itself is a tributary to the much larger Li-Lriver. Which runs through the whole area and hosts the popular Li-River Cruise. The Yu-Long River originally starts in the northern area of the county around Litang. It stretches over 35 Kilometers through the countryside and ending its journey near the town of Ping Le. Good fortune and government initiatives have done a great job of keeping Yu-Long River river clean and full of life. It is closely protected and one of the gems of the area. With heavy restrictions on activity near its banks to save it for future generations. This also has led to the great bonus of the Yu-Long River being in great condition for those wishing to swim and relax in its cool waters.

Another great feature of the Yu-Long River is it is closed to any form of motorized boats. This means it has retained a great deal of tranquility. Bamboo rafts are a common sight however and have become a great attraction to those visiting the area. With opportunities to be ferried down various stretches of the river passing through many of the local villages. This is often considered one of the highlights of many peoples experiences of the area.

The areas around the banks of the river offer fertile growing conditions. Small and large scale agriculture are still the main source of livelihoods for most of the residence. A great selection of local fruits and vegetable are grown in the area. Though more recently many farmers have adapted there fields for flowers and rape seed which provide stunning views when in blossom. This offer the local residents a chance for extra income from the tourists now flooding to the area.

Recent History & Notes

At the end of 2017 The government recognized the importance of the area and established the Yulong area scenic park (Ten mile gallery). With the intention of trying to protect the area and improve the experience for all fortunate enough to visit. This in turn has led to Heavy restrictions on traffic in the area. With all but local cars allowed to use the roads between 7:30AM to 7:30PM. This has been a great benefit for those wishing to experience the true beauty of the area. As it has made cycling and electric scooters the only real way to get around. Making it much safer for family’s, reducing pollution and generally making the area feel more like a place of natural beauty. Some of the best cycling in the area is to be had around the park and river.

One unfortunate side effect of the low lying fields is there tensity to flood. And for several years running the area has suffered some extreme flooding during the rainy season, The onset of the flooding can be very fast but fortunately they can recede just as quickly. Though it does take the area some time to recover after.

The area is accessible from several directions but most commonly by the northern end near Juixian Village. It can also be accessed from the south gate from Yangshuo town itself though access is closely monitored. And it is important to remember the restrictions on car access during the day time.

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