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Food and the art of cooking are a true cornerstone of Chinese culture. There is no better way to explore a culture than through is tastes and cuisine. Taking the opportunity to get a closer look at the techniques and thinking behind Chinese cooking whilst in the country is an opportunity that should not be passed by. Yangshuo is very fortunate to not offer just one but two excellent and respected Yangshuo cooking school’s. Both offer day courses for those wishing to partake and widen there understanding of Chinese culture. You will also of course, take home some great ideas and recipes that you can continue to use and may even inspire you to look more deeply into Chinese foods once your at home.

Yangshuo Cooking school


Now running for over 10 Years this Yangshuo cooking school offers 2 different day courses (running on consecutive days) as well as full week long intensive packages. The school offers two separate locations to enjoy as well. Choose either between a rustic farm house out in in the beautiful countryside just outside Yangshuo or right on Li River in Yangshuo Yangshuo town itself. The cooking school offer private tuition or mixed group sessions with a maximum of 14 people

Cloud 9 Cooking School


This Yangshuo cooking school is based in the reputable Cloud 9 restaurant. Overlooking the renowned West street area of Yangshuo town. The cooking school offers 2 courses a day (one in the morning & Afternoon) as well as offering full week long ‘Master classes’ for those looking to fully immerse in cooking for a week at a time. They also offer a 2 day weekend cooking course and a traveling cooking course.

Both schools run roughly the same style of program featuring a tour of the local market as well as your actual cooking lessons. Both have a good reputation so which school to choose largely comes down to personal preference of location and feedback which can find online for both

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