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Tai Chi is one of the most commonly thought of things when people think of china. With over a thousand years of development and tradition, Tai Chi is ingrained in people minds with close association to health, well being and longevity. Tai Chi offers both a soft and hard martial art technique with countless benefits and a multitude of forms to suit every style and need.

Yangshuo has the good fortune to be one of the key spots for Tai chi in china. The environment and ambiance of the area has allowed those who practice here to flourish in there forms and become much more connected to the environment around them. Seeing people practice there form in the local parks, by the riverside and throughout the beautiful vista of the area is a great sight to behold and harks back to Yangshuo’s more mystical past.

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Despite the size of Yangshuo it is able to offer an exceptional level of tai chi options. Including tutors for all levels of practice, and even the option of learning under grand masters. Exceptionally rare throughout china. Each school has its own style and atmosphere and it worth researching thoroughly if you are considering doing a prolonged period of training in the area.

For those looking to get a glimpse in to what taichi can offer we can help organise introductory lessons and courses. Even a short practice can give some great insights that can last a life time and we highly recommend you take the chance to train in such a beautiful and captivating environment

Schools of note:

Yangshuo Traditional taichi school

Based in a small village in the Yu-long river area, they offer probably the best short term introduction to tai chi and its benefits. Though there longer course have an exceptionally high reputation. With a high level of English offering a great introductory point


Master Fu Nengbin

One of the few Grand Masters in china Master Fu’s school sits in a convenient location a short distance form Yangshuo town, This school tailors more to the experienced practitioner looking to perfect and refine there form. Lessons with master Fu himself are rare, but possible


Long Tou Shan Tai Chi School

A long standing master in Yangshuo, Luo Mei Juan recently opened a new school in a remote and exceptionally beautiful area outside of Yansgshuo, Her son has also started teaching at the school


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