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Moon Hill (月亮山 / Yuèliàng Shān / “Moon Mountain”)

Moon Hill is one of the many natural Beauty spots in Yangshuo. The mountain with its natural arch has made Moon Hill one of the most iconic hills in Yangshuo. The view from the base of the arch offers some beautiful panoramic views of the area. And it has stood the test of time as a ideal tourist location. Moon Hill itself like the rest  of the mountains in Yangshuo. Was formed from the collapse of a lime stone cave believed to have been formed in Phreatic period.

The Crest of Moon Hill

Moon Hill offers good access and is suitable for all ages. It takes around 20 minutes to reach the main viewing area under the arch. Climbing up about 800 well built steps with guide rails for a descent amount of the ascent. The route up is generally covered with large bamboo groves running each side offering shade. This does mean it also attracts a fair amount of insects however.Once at the main platform if offer great views out either side onto the surrounding areas.

For the more brave there is also an additional route. After passing through the main arch there is a small trail leading off to the left. This more rough and steep path with little in the way of safety measures offers a chance to reach the summit of Moon Hill. The View from the top can be outstanding. And it generally does not attract many crowds due to the path being marked as restricted.


One addition to the natural beauty of Moon Hill itself is countless climbers testing there skills. You often see the more brave trying to ascend the arch and some even cross its peak. The Arch was first climbed by Todd Skinner in the 90’s and has since been a popular attraction for visiting climbers and locals proving there skills. It has also been used as part of the Yangshuo climbing festival which takes place each year in the town.


Moon Hill is not a free attraction and tickets can be purchased at the main entrance gate, where there is also a car park for leaving your bikes or scooters. Refreshments are available up and down the hill. Provided by several fit locals who spend there days climbing upa nd down offering cold drinks, hats and snacks

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