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Calligraphy is one of the most beautiful arts in china, and is surprisingly little understood outside the country, This traditional form of writing goes back thousands of years and literally translates as ‘Beautiful writing’ Despite its popularity all over the world the subtly of the strokes and forms of Calligraphy words are little understood in there purest form.

Your time in Yangshuo offers a great opportunity to learn more about Calligraphy as an excellent art form. We can help arrange tutors that will not only explain the process and give you the chance to experience writing yourself, but who have a deep rooted knowledge of the forms and can give a great insight into the history and development of Calligraphy that has led to what we now see as the modern Chinese language.

Calligraphy Lessons typically involve learning how to prepare the materials, Such as grinding the ink, preparing your space and paper, to how to correctly hold the brush and get a feel for the flow of the strokes. These lessons can be deeply rewarding and are great as one on one or as a group activity. It can be an especially eye opening experience for children and gives them something practical and unique to take home with them as a memory.

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