1 Day - Yangshuo Bike tour

1 Day - Yangshuo Bike tour

This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to see the beautiful countryside of Yangshuo. Our Yangshuo Bike tour with have you Cycling through the small villages and across open fields. Giving you a great opportunity to see Local village life whilst going at a pace that suites you best. There are countless small village trails and routes for those wishing to get of the main tourist tracks. And we know them all. Seeing the area by our Yangshuo Bike tour also means you are free to stop and rest at your leisure. As well as take the time to get some great pictures of remoter areas.

Yangshuo Bike tour Departure

Our  Guide will meet you at your hotel and guide your through the town and out into the Yu-long scenic area. From there we shall take you through several small villages full of old traditional homes and lifestyles. As well as seeing how life in the area has changed and the villages are adapting to modern times. We will also cross some stunning countryside. Where depending on the time of year. You will see open fields of rice, beautiful waves of rape seed, small lotus ponds, bee keepers. And all the local animals that pervade the area such as the lumbering water buffalo. And countless chickens and ducks running wild round the villages and across the trails.

Dragon Bridge & Moon Hill

Once at the famous Dragon Bridge we will turn to follow the river making our way down along the riverside towards Moon Hill. One of the classic icons of Yangshuo. Once there we stop for a bite to eat at either one of the hotels or at a small local farmers restaurant depending on your preference. Then after a short break it time to climb to the arch of Moon Hill to enjoy the great views of the surrounding landscape.

After some time taking in the scenery we descend back down and our return journey to your hotel begins. We will try and take you the most scenic route possible (Dependent on where your hotel is located). Or if you are feeling tired after the days cycling we can guide you back along a faster route.

Overall this is a fantastic day out and for those who are only briefly in the area. It really does give a great feel for the essence of the Yangshuo countryside and will leave you with some unforgettable images of your time here.

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