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  • Silver Cave - Yangshuo Tours

    Silver Cave

    Yangshuo’s Silver Cave ( 银子岩 / yín zi yán) Is one of the best caves in the area. For those…

  • Longji Rice terrace Tour - Yangshuo Tours

    Longji Rice Terraces

    The Longji Rice Terraces (Also know as the Dragon’s Backbone) are an exceptional combination man made and natural wonder, and…

  • Xiangong Hill - Yangshuo Tours

    Xiang Gong Hill – 相公山

    The general views in yangshuo are outstanding, but one of the few places that surpass the normal views of the…

  • Pubutang-Waterfall - Yangshuo Tours

    Pubutang Waterfall

  • Seven Star Tea Plantation - Yangshuo Tours

    Seven Star Tea Plantation

    Tea is synonymous with Chinese culture and a closely associated with its traditions and history. Despite China’s rapid advancement over…

  • Big Banyan Tree - Yangshuo Tours

    Big Banyan Tree – Chuayan

    One of the true iconic characters of the Yangshuo landscape, The Big Banyan tree stands as a testament to love…

  • Moon Hill - Yangshuo Tours

    Moon Hill (月亮山)

    Moon Hill (月亮山 / Yuèliàng Shān / “Moon Mountain”) Moon Hill is one of the many natural Beauty spots in Yangshuo. The mountain…

  • Yu-Long River - Yangshuo Tours

    Yulong River (遇龙河)

    The Yu-Long river ( 遇龙河 / Yùlóng Hé) has become synonymous with Yangshuo when people think of the area. The famous ‘Ten mile…

  • Li River - Yangshuo Tours

    Li River (漓江)

    The Li River (漓江 / Lí Jiāng) is the main river slowing through Yangshuo. Starting in the Mao’er Mountains in Xiang’an…