1 Day - Yangshuo Highlights Tour

1 Day - Yangshuo Highlights Tour

There is a lot to see and do in Yangshuo. Whilst its great to have all the time in the world to explore an area this interesting. We understand that sometimes that’s just not possible. However a brief excursion here is better than missing it entirely. With that in mind we created our Yangshuo Highlights tour. Made those wishing to get as much of a feel for the area as possible in a single day. When composing our Yangshuo Highlights tour we considered not just classical views. But also the local culture, and tried to choose a selection of places and activities that when combined. Give you a feel for the area as a whole. And hopefully inspire you to return to the area in the future to explore its charms more fully.

The Yangshuo Highlights tour begins…

We start our Yangshuo Highlight tour by collecting you from your hotel in a private car around 8:30AM. We head out up into the clustered mountains above the town heading towards the renowned 7-Star Tea plantation. The journey up to the plantation is stunning. We journey along the single road winding our way through valleys and up mountains passing through the small villages. Seeing local life among the developing villages. Many feature some beautiful old buildings hidden among the newer homes.

Tea Plantation

Once at the Tea plantation we have the chance to experience learning about Tea culture, an integral part of Chinese life. We will learn about the whole process. Being guided on choosing and picking the best leaves straight from the plants. There drying and processing to make different types of tea. And of course enjoying a traditional Tea Ceremony.

Xiangong Hill

After quenching our thirsts we head up to Xiangong Hill. A superb viewpoint overlooking a curve in the Li-river. Looking down the valley onto the carste landscape reflected in the waters of the Li-River. This is often considered one of the best views in Yangshuo and with good reason. Even in poor weather it reveals a truly captivating view of the area. Once we have descended the mountain, we make our way to a local farmers market. Stopping along the way to take in the views across the rice fields from another local view point.

Local farmers Market

We then take some time to explore the local market looking at the various wares on sale. Exploring the local markets can be a great way to get a feel for a culture. As all the essentials of life are on display. From local produce that changes through out the year, basic kitchen equipment, Local pottery and farmers equipment. It can also be a great chance for some unique photos of the real locals of the area. And you get the chance to see real local interaction that may be quite different from what you experience as a tourist visiting the main attractions. Whilst at the market we will take the time to sit and enjoy a good lunch among the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Yu-Long Rafting

From here we move into the famous Yu-Long Area. This is a beautiful amalgamation of the landscape elements of Yangshuo. The valley offer great views of the carste mountains rising either side of the river. With the valley base covered in rice and vegetable fields. And depending on the season beautiful flowers, or fruit blossoms. You can also see the local water buffalo’s roaming the area. Chaperoned by there herders moving between the picturesque villages. Which are full of a mixture of old and new buildings. With some stunning Qing & Ming Dynasty homes hidden among the newer buildings.  To see the area in all its glory we will take bamboo Rafts down the river. Allowing a slow pace to absorb the scenery and enjoy the river the same way it has been for century’s

After this final venture it time to return to your hotel and to relax and take in all the day has brought.

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