China Grand tour - 1 Month

China Grand tour -  1 Month

For those looking for a true adventure across china we designed our China Grand tour. This is a truly epic journey stretching over 5 provinces in a 30 day period.  China is Huge, Despite your expectations it will still be much larger than you can imagine. Journeys across a single province can take days, and all the way the views, cultures, dialects and food are constantly changing. Doing a long period of travel in china can seem a daunting task. So we composed our China Grand tour to allow you to relax and let us handle all the planning.

As with our other tours we have tried to mix a combination of not just classic tour opportunity’s and sights. But a mix of genuine cultural experiences and many secluded off the beaten track locations. We do visit some of the most famous sights (They became famous for good reason). And we don’t feel we should avoid certain places just because they are considered, by some, to be too ‘touristic’. But we like to balance these well known locations ,with a selection of our own more personally chosen experiences. Which we feel offer a real taste of genuine Chinese culture.

We have tried to keep travel time well divided with plenty of opportunity’s to rest and enjoy free time.

All our Long distance tours are guided by an excellent and experienced English speaking guide. With a deep knowledge and understanding of the various cultures and experiences you will discover. We understand that people often have specific places they wish to visit and all our tours are fully customization to suite your personal travel style and needs along the way.

China Grand tour

Day 1 – (GuangDong)
Pick up from Lianhuashan wharf(Guangzhou panyu area),drive to Guangzhou.overnight in Guangzhou.
Day 2 – (GuangDong)
Visit Chenjia Ci and Shamian island. .
Day 3 – (GuangXi )

Drive 4h to Wuzhou,visit  Dragonmother temple,arcade in Wuzhou,overnight in Wuzhou.
Day 4 – (Guangxi )
Drive 2.5h to Huangyao old town,then drive 2h to Yangshuo,overnight in Yangshuo.
Day 5 – (Yangshuo, Guangxi)
Cycling around Yulong river and visit moon hill,evening visit the great light show.
Day 6 – (Guilin, Guangxi)
Drive 1.5h to Guilin,hiking around the city center,visit two rivers and four lakes. Overnight in Guilin.
Day 7 – (Longji, Guangxi )
Drive 2h to Longji rice terraces,hiking around the Long hair Yao village and Zhuang minority village rice terraces.overnight in Longji.
Day 8 – (Sanjiang, Guangxi)

Hiking around the Dong minority village,visit local minority farmer’s house. Overnight in Sanjiang Dong village.
Day 9 – (Zhaoxing, Guizhou)
Drive 4.5h to Zhaoxing town,Guizhou province,one of the biggest Dong minority village in China visit the Dong village and museum. Overnight in Zhaoxing.
Day 10 – (Xijiang, Kaili, Guizhou)
Drive 4h from Zhaoxing to Xijiang Miao village,visit the Miao museum and village. Overnight in Xijiang.
Day 11 – (Zhenyuan, Guizhou)
Drive 3h to Zhenyuan old town,visit the old town and beautiful River. Overnight in Zhenyuan.
Day 12 – (Guiyang, Guizhou)

Drive 4h to Guiyang,capital of Guizhou province visit Wenchang loft and city center. Overnight in Guiyang.
Day 13 – (Anshun, Guizhou)
Drive 3h to Anshun to visit the Huangguoshu waterfall,stay overnight in Anshun.
Day 14 – (Kunming, Yunnan)

Drive 4h to Kunming,the capital of Yunnan province,visit the Gold Horse & Emerald Chicken Square.overnight in Kunming city.
Day 15 – (Kunming, Yunnan)
Drive 1.5h from city center to Stone Forest ,hiking around stone forest. Overnight in Kunming.
Day 16 – (Dali, Yunnan)
Drive 5h from Kunming to Dali old town. Visit the Cangshan mountain,hiking around Dali old town. Overnight in Dali.
Day 17 – (Tengchong, Yunnan)
Drive 4h from Dali to Tengchong,one of the famous city of jade,visit the hot sea spring and jade market.overnight in Tengchong.
Day 18 – (Ruili, Yunnan)
Drive 2.5h to Ruili,visit Jiele Gold pagoda,and visit local market (near Burma). Overnight in Ruili city. 
Day 19 – (Dali, Yunnan)
Drive 6h to Dali,visit the Erhai lake,take a boat on the lake. Overnight in Dali.
Day 20 – (Lijiang, Yunnan)

Drive 2.5h to Lijiang old town,visit old town . Overnight in Lijiang.
Day 21 – (Lijiang, Yunnan)
Visit the Naxi minority village and jade dragon snow mountain. Overnight in Lijiang.
Day 22 – (Lugu lake, Yunnan)

Drive 5h from Lijiang to Lugu lake (depend on the road).hiking around the Mosuo minority village,join the night life with Mosuo people. Overnight in Lugu lake.
Day 23 – (Lugu lake, Yunnan)

Take a boat on the Lugu lake,drive around the lake. Overnight in Lugu lake.
Day 24 – (Xichang, Sichuan)
Drive 6h from Lugu lake to Xichang city,relex this day. Overnight in Xichang.
Day 25 – (Ya’An, Sichuan)
Drive 5h to Ya’An city,visit the Bifeng gorge, to see the panda . Overnight in Ya’An.
Day 26 – (E’Mei, Sichuan)
Drive 5h to mountain E’Mei.visit the mountain E’Mei and some temple . Overnight in E’Mei city.
Day 27 – (Leshan,  Chengdu, Sichuan)
Drive 4.5h to Leshan,visit the biggest Buddha . Then drive 1.5h to Chengdu. Overnight in chengdu.
Day 28 – (Chengdu, Sichuan)
Visit the Dujiangyan,Wuhou Ci. Overnight in Chengdu.
Day 29 – (Chengdu, Sichuan)
Visit the Qingcheng mountain,Overnight in Chengdu.
Day 30 – (Chengdu, Sichuan)

Visit the panda park,then drive to the airport. Tour finished.


If you are interested in this tour it is strongly recommended that you contact us well in advance so we adjust the tour to seasonal conditions and are able to work in any special requests or particular special travel arrangements you may need

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