1 Day - Longji Rice Terraces - Hiking Tour

1 Day - Longji Rice Terraces - Hiking Tour

The Longji Rice terraces are certainly a spectacle to behold. Countless terraces roll down from the top of the mountains filled with waves of rice. Either fresh buds giving a luminescent crisp green. Or near the end of the season beautiful golden hues. Even when the rice is gone the steps can still look glorious. And just after they have been filled for planting the terraces turn into mirrors reflecting the sky’s above.

Reaching the Longji Rice terraces

The Longji Rice terraces are quite a distance from Yangshuo. But with the new highway, reaching them has never been easier. And a trip here can be a real feast for the eyes. We travel up using a private car. Taking our time to work our way up through the surrounding mountains to reach the main entrance to the Longji Rice terraces area.

Long Hair Village

Once there we move on to our first stop the ‘Long Hair Village’. An excellent collection of authentic local minority houses. Where the local traditions of the area are distilled and protected from being lost to progress. You will be able to see many of the local traditions. And learn a little about some of the many unique customs that still pervade the area. It can also be a great opportunity to take some photos of the stunning local minority dress’s and garments. That are still made using traditional techniques by locals in the Longji Rice terraces villages.

The Lonji Rice terraces

From here we move further up into the Longji Rice terraces splitting of to either the Pingan. Or Dazhai village area’s.

Both have there unique charms are offer many viewpoints to see the true scale and beauty of the area. The Dazhai area offers cable-car access to one of the main viewpoints. And can be a great option for those with mobility issues. Or feel they would struggle with the countless steps and paths that lead up and down over the terraced fields. The route and time we take walking around the area is completely up to yourselves. And we can opt for a relaxing slow pace stopping at just a few of the viewpoints. Taking our time soaking in the views and taking pictures. Or we can press on and move up and around the many terraces. Moving between the many villages to get the largest possible range of views of the area.

One of the great things about travelling with a local guide, Is we can also get access to the homes of many of locals in the area. This can offer a normally unseen perspective on the life of the local villagers. And you get to partake in experiencing the legendary hospitality of the real locals. This can often involve getting the chance to sample local fruits and produce. Not sold to tourists. As well as home cooking. And even on occasion the chance to share a drink and listen to the life story’s of the family’s that have inhabited the area for generations.

After a full days exploring we start the descent down from the mountains. And return you to your hotel for a chance to rest and absorb the days sights and experiences.


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